Our industry-leading systems can include configurations for cockpit datalink service, accelerated high-speed data, real-time monitoring, VoIP services, ATS position reporting and unified electronic billing. We also offer training classes and technology seminars to customers who want to understand the networks, hardware configuration and troubleshooting techniques.


CopaSAT understands what is necessary to deliver high-performance communications at sea. We have developed a robust variety of satellite communications solutions that range from global on-demand MSS services to regional, multi-regional and global Ku-band, Ka-band and HTS ready maritime VSAT systems. Whether your mission requires the transfer of datalinks to a high speed RIB supporting our warfighters, or a fleet of cargo vessels, your CopaSAT advisors will build a support system that delivers the best connectivity for your budget. You’ll also receive a technology roadmap to ensure your system is ready for action today and can meet your needs tomorrow.


Whether it’s a military operation, a large-scale event, or a matter of public safety, we have solutions that ensure communication stays open and available. CopaSAT was founded out of the need to ensure reliable communication to support our troops abroad. From manpack VSAT to on-the-move vehicular systems, you can rely on CopSAT for secure and efficient solutions.

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