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Manpack SATCOM Terminals Models 65cm 95cm

Tampa Microwave Manpack Satellite Terminals are specifically designed to meet the needs of the dismounted troops or first responders. With a compact design, Manpack terminals are lightweight and extremely portable, facilitating one-man setup and operation. In addition to battery-saving mode and mil-spec reliability, the Manpack Satellite Terminals auto-assist display provides “BGAN like” setup in less than 10 minutes by minimally trained personnel.

With the addition of CopaSAT’s Viper power supply, the Tampa Microwave terminal can be used with multiple power sources to include solar without the need for prime power.


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1.3M X,Ka,Ku-Band Fly-Away SATCOM Terminal

Communications capabilities Tampa Microwave 1.3m terminal was specially designed for maximum capabilities in the smallest and lightest satellite terminal of size. It is designed to be carried into any environment and then quickly installed and ready to operate within minutes. The 1.3m terminal offers several operational and logistical advantages over its competition. The compact design and intelligent packaging concept facilitate one-person setup and operation. The 1.3m system packs up in 2 hard transit cases that can be checked as baggage (IATA <70 lbs each) on commercial airline flights.

All the electronic modules for this terminal are used across the entire Tampa Microwave product line. The transceivers, modem assembly and power supply modules are interchangeable (without any tools) among our entire family of terminals with aperture sizes from the 1.3m to the 45cm ManPack. This architecture simplifies sparing and maintenance at all organizational levels. It further facilitates dual band operation in the smallest packaged terminal size and weight. These features significantly reduce system life cycle costs and logistics footprints.


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CopaSAT provides installation, integration, training and support for the entire line of Tampa Microwave solutions.

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