CopaSAT provides installation, integration and training support for the entire line of Kymeta solutions.





With Kymeta’s KyWay flat panel terminal technology you leverage the benefit of having no moving parts in a extremely small form factor while also achieving high throughput SATCOM connections. Whether you’re on the move or on the brief halt, Kymeta provides communications for the future. Kymeta is making good on the promise of global connectivity by enabling connectivity in places it has never been before.












KyWay™ Go

Leveraging the standard KyWay Terminal, the KyWay Go enables the most flexible use. The KyWayGo is a ruggedized mounedt platform in a transit case that allows you to ship via commercial aircraft to your end destination. Within minutes you can be communicating be removing the lid and applying power. No more terminal setup time and missing or broken components. Simply remove the lid and communicate. The Kyway Go can be used on land, mounted to the top of a land vehicle or strapped down to the deck of a ship. Truly affording you a roll-on/roll-off solution in any situation.

KyWay Go Brochure