October 14, 2019

Military-grade, portable, ruggedized, sustainable field power supply to extend CopaSAT remote SATCOM on-the-pause and on-the-move solutions


Tampa, Florida TODAY COPASAT, LLC ANNOUNCED IT HAS REACHED AN AGREEMENT WITH VIRIDEON, INC. AND BLUESKY INNOVATIONS TO PURCHASE THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND ASSETS for the Virideon Intelligent Power and Energy Router (VIP/ER) product line. The closing is expected to occur before the end of the month.


“The Virideon line is a perfect extension of our solutions. There are many locations where bringing in trailers and generators isn’t feasible or desirable,” says Obie Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, CopaSAT. “Through this acquisition, we are focused on expanding the work we have already done with Virideon to further develop the lightweight, modular power solution for sustained mobilized operations. The VIP/ER makes it easy to bring power with you, set it up in minutes, tear it down and set it up again. Tactical, forward-deployed units work in fluid situations; power is now going to get even easier to deploy,” continues Johnson.


“CopaSAT understands the needs of the connected warfighter. They previously added a custom power module to the VIP/ER to provide the required DC output for standard and enhanced power for SATCOM terminals,” says David Spilker, President, Virideon. “CopaSAT has the talent and product development expertise to take the Virideon VIP/ER product line to the next level to deliver game-changing mission-ready power for our deployed military forces and remote commercial operations,” concludes Spilker.


“We fully believe in the value of this technology to the warfighter and are excited to see the additional resources and leadership being brought to its development through this acquisition by CopaSAT,” says Christian Oliver, Chief Product Officer, BlueSky Innovations.


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